Aleighcia Scott


The Welsh-Jamaican singer and producer Rory Stonelove deliver an empowering anthem as the next single from their eagerly awaited album, Windrush Baby

Celestial-voiced singer Aleighcia Scott releases Pretty Little Brown Thing, the latest single from her forthcoming album with legendary producer Rory Stonelove (Black Dub Music). Pretty Little Brown Thing is an empowering, deeply honest celebration of being oneself, owning your power, and being accepted on your terms.

To a deep-and-supple rub-a-dub rhythm created by Rory Stonelove and top musicians, including renowned saxophonist Dean Fraser, Aleighcia sings a song that balances how we perceive people on the surface and what lies deeper. She warns anyone who holds her in their gaze to understand that we are all physical, mental, and spiritual beings. Pretty Little Brown Thing’s lovely melodies and hefty basslines mirror its message that prettiness and substance exist equally.

“I immediately recognised the potential for a hit when I heard the first two lines of the chorus written by Racquel Jones” – Rory Stonelove

This message is reflected further in Aleighcia’s burgeoning vocal versatility, switching between the sung chorus and the verses’ rapid ‘singjay’ style. The song demonstrates that this already multitalented, multilingual singer, TV and radio presenter, and cultural ambassador keeps adding new skills to her repertoire.

“It was a joy to be a part of this song” says Aleighcia of the recording process. “This is melodically something very different for me, but I absolutely love it! Rory said ‘I don’t know if you’ll be able to do this one…’ and I said ‘Get ready to record!’


  • Artist: Aleighcia Scott
  • Track Title: Pretty Brown Little Thing
  • Label: RoryStoneLove/Black Dub
  • Producer: Rory Stonelove
  • Drums: Kirk Bennett
  • Bass: Donald ‘Danny Bassie’ Dennis
  • Guitar: Gizmo White & Lamont ‘Monty’ Savory
  • Keys: Franklin Bubbler Waul
  • Trumpet: Okiel Mckintyre
  • Saxophone: Oshane Love
  • Trombone: Randy Fletcher
  • Alto Saxophone: Dean Fraser
  • Cello: Emily Ruth
  • Strings: Ellen Blair (Violin & Viola)
  • Violin: Gill Morley
  • Background Vocals: Chevaughn N. Clayton, Roselyn

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